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EORTC Cutaneous
Lymphoma Tumour Group

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09–11 October 2024








Prof. Dr. med. Emmanuella Guenova

Prof. Dr. med. Evangelia Papadavid

Join us for the EORTC Cutaneous Lymphoma Tumour Group Annual Meeting 2024

Lausanne 9-11 October 2024

We are excited to inform you that the Olympic Capital Lausanne hosts the 2024 European meeting on skin lymphoma and inflammatory mimickers (EORTC CLTG 2024 ANNUAL MEETING). This renowned European Congress with international participation will be held from October 9th-11th, 2024 at the BEAULIEU CONVENTION CENTER in Lausanne, Switzerland.

At the core of this gathering resides a pivotal objective – to facilitate the convergence of experts, delegates, and sponsors from Europe and around the globe, all convened to deliberate upon the latest advancements in skin lymphoma as well as the common ground between malignant and benign skin inflammation’s research, diagnostics and treatment.

We aim to spark conversations that pinpoint key research areas and priorities. Plus, we’re addressing current patient care challenges and raising the bar for clinical practices. This event is a place for diverse minds to come together, collaborate, and find fresh solutions to today’s problems.

The picturesque Olympic Capital Lausanne provides an ideal setting to meet our goals: nestled on the shores of Lake Geneva, surrounded by the stunning Swiss Alps. We take pride in being able to host the meeting at the BEAULIEU CONVENTION CENTER – a captivating backdrop renowned for hosting successful international events in the field of modern medicine.

We look forward welcoming you.


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